The Bi-Weekly Contest: Sonic Free Riders & Mystic Defender

Sega Addicts is happy to announce the return of our Bi-Weekly Contest! What’s up for grabs this time? A download code for Sonic Free Riders for the Xbox 360 and a copy of Mystic Defender for the Sega Genesis. The winner will get both games!

Entering is simple because every comment you leave from now until we record the next Sega Addicts Podcast (June 9th) gives you another chance to be the winner.

Hit the jump to find out more information on how the winner is determined.

How to enter:

It’s simple really. Every other Thursday, all of the comments left on any post on the site will be totaled up. Every comment you leave gives you one chance to be drawn as the winner of that week’s prize. So, the more commenting you do the better chance you have to win, but you do have a small chance of winning even if you only leave one comment that week.

Comments that are not relevant to a post will not count. They also have to have substance. Just saying “Awesome” on every post will get you nowhere, son. As long as you’re praising the author for a job well done, asking a question, adding some information, or even debating against one of the author’s points, your comment will count.

At the end of every two week period the comments will reset. Even if you left a bunch in the past, you’ll have no entries unless you leave more in the next two weeks. But just think if you’re a big commenter you could potentially win two or more games a month! Wowza!


Readers Comments (14)

  1. can my copy of mystic defender be autographed?

  2. cool, i must win now!!!

  3. I once bought a lot full of Master System games and they all had the name “Barney” written all over them in giant marker. Needless to say, they did not hold their value when I tried to sell them.

    Glad to see the contest back, and you guys rock for covering Mystic Defender. An underrated early title that’s every bit as enjoyable as the fine Master System predecessor, SpellCaster.

  4. I’ve seen Sonic Free Riders in action and am not too interested in it, but I am curious as to what Mystic Defender is like.

  5. Hmmmmmm. I still haven’t won one of our contests… I CALL BIAS!

  6. @kris ha ha =3

    sonic free riders is it better then sonic R You cant feel the sunshine in sonic free riders

    also If I win can I have my copy of Mystic defender signed too?

  7. i cant feel the sunshine because its cloudy now

  8. yeh I bet its never cloudy in sonic free riders or mystic Defender.
    They steel our sunshine and give us clouds!

  9. What a fantastic idea! Highly underrated game imo

    Loved it on the original Xbox, I even unlocked all the characters!

  10. @alex having it signed by you may only be 5 cents more to people who dont watch you podcast but it will add emotional value

  11. @ bradkal
    yea, and if u become famous some day then that person will get thousands of dollars for the signature

  12. this post is like a zombie, it keeps coming back

  13. yeh I know it dose…
    its because mystic defender and sonic riders are realy cool and will bring a lot of enjoy ment to who ever wins them! =3
    also the competition is almost over now..

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