The Sega Addicts record Episode 55 tonight!

Tonight we’ll be discussing all sorts of Sega related news, including E3 and all that goodness, as well as, today’s Sonic Gem, Mystic Defender for the Sega Genesis!

If you’ve got some Sega related listener questions and/or comments please leave them below. They’re the only thing any of us look forward to anymore.

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  1. Ah, finally a new Episode! Looking forward to it!
    Also Question: Which game for the 3DS are you looking forward to the most (and why): Shinobi or Sonic Generations?

  2. Never played Mystic Defender before, so I checked out a video and it looks like a nice combo of Metroid and Contra. Any other Genesis games like this (beside Contra Hardcorp) you guys can recommend for the Genesis or in general?

    Also, Kris will be happy to know that I acquired Yakuza 4 and will be engulfed in that until Duke Nukem Forever arrives.

    Anyone else pumped for Duke Nukem Forever?

  3. if Sega was an exsclusive to one hardware company what would it be nintendo wii or xbox 360?
    If sonic can run faster then the speed of light how come we can see him when where playing?
    if Sega could only create one series of games what would it be?

  4. I played Spellcaster on the SMS to death, but never played Mystic Defender, how similar are they?

  5. What was your favorite Sega related E3 reveal?

  6. do you guys see that ad on your site that is saying they have the most radical podcast? they are lying too
    also you are having a crazy taxi car ride with tails (whiny version), billy hatcher, the crazy taxi guy, knuckles (who can only talk by rapping), and ecco the dolphin through green hill zone and your car breaks down in the middle of the place, miles away from anything. in the trunk is a tied up mario, flame thrower, axe, and one sonic ring. what would you for do survival and who in your group would you eat first? second? and maybe third?

  7. Manic Maverick June 9, 2011 @ 7:13 PM

    Q1: I was looking at the main dude in Mystic Defender and couldn’t help but wonder…Why do powerful characters have unnaturally large shoulderpads? Is this some sort of secret Super Shoulderpad Squad that we haven’t heard about?

    Q2: Replace the main character of Mystic Defenders with some sort of old and moldy food. What food would you choose, and how would the gameplay/story be affected? Would it have been an international bestseller?

  8. Saw that Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic games was being shown by SEGA at E3. I was wondering if SEGA was ever to put together a Special Olympics game, who do you think should represent both companies? Maybe something like Yoshi & Big the Cat at the Special Olympic games?

  9. Stop drawing me for episodes I’m not on! ><

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