Yuji Naka is making a fishing game

Sonic and Nights creator Yuji Naka is working with Namco Bandai to make Family Fishing. According to a Famitsu write up the Wii game will take players to lake resorts, jungle lakes, and other places. As well as have thousands of items and over two hundred fish to catch. They also specifically mention that the game will have penguins in it, which is cool I guess.

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. As little as I care about fishing and its games this game looks pretty fun. Since leaving Sega I’ve loved everything Yuji Naka has worked on so hopefully this one is no different.

  2. Most fishing games don’t interest me either. However I see a lot of potential in this SKU. Hopefully it comes to the west.

  3. ill pass on this one

  4. Holy cow I just noticed the link for this while commenting on the Sonic Generations Demo, I’ve loved every game Yuji Naka has been a part of. I did enjoy Sega Bass fishing with the fishing pole controller on the Dreamcast, and who doesn’t enjoy fishing mini games in like Ocarina of Time etc?

    I’ll admit though, looking at the pictures I’m not too thrilled but Naka’s name makes me curious

  5. That Wiimote hook-up looks utterly bizarre.

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