Hatsune Miku: Screenshots, 3D support and Virtual On Edition!

Andriasang gives us quite a lot of Screenshots of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2.5 and Dreamy Theater 2nd. But that’s not all, Oh No, Famitsu also reports that the PS3 game Dreamy Theater 2nd will actually feature 3D support! After the announcement of a Sonic Costume that we reported on yesterday, they also add a Fei Yen costume. I literally don’t know what to write about that!

You know, I’m pretty new to all this Hatsune Miku stuff, but in a certain way, this is quite fascinating to me. A whole subculture seems to exist outside of my knowledge and now that I discovered it for myself, I feel like an archeologist!

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  1. wait, how does this game work?

  2. Don’t ask me, it’s all rocket science in my eyes…

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