Sega shows off new 3D Arcade Gun shooting game

Unfortunately, it’s not a new ‘House of the Dead’ title. No, this is called: ‘Let’s go Island’ and it’s a Lightgun shooter about LOVE… and Killer sharks! It’s about two young people, ready to fall in love with each other while defending their lives against attacking killer monsters. On HAWAII! Does it sound weird? Yes! Do I want to play it? HELL YEAH! Check out Andriasang for more screenshots and head over to Sega’s official website for a neat trailer! While you watch it, consider that the game run on a 52 inch glasses free 3D monitor. That is pretty awesome if you ask me!

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Looks about as viable here in NA as that peeing game of theirs. I am definitely interested in how a 3D shooter would play. Still, I’d rather see the technology where your movements influence the perspective of the screen, which would create a 3D effect, rather than just traditional 3D.

  2. i played lets go jungle in gameworks a while back and u shoot giant bugs

  3. i just wondered how the 3d would work because if its anything like the 3ds then i can see it not working because when i play lightgun games i go crazy and looking in all directions of the screen with guns a blazing. so wouldnt that ruin the 3d effect?

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