The Sega Addicts record episode 59 tonight!

Episode 59. It’s a prime number. Very fitting for a podcast who many consider to be in their prime…

What? You don’t agree? You obviously haven’t heard some of our latest fan-fiction radio plays…

Anyway, this week will involve Sega news and that crazy Saturn game, Bug!, that a certain Sega Addict listener/reader is so fond of. So, if you’ve got some questions regarding, Sega, Bug!, videogames, or hand sanitizers, leave them below!

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  1. Guys did you hack into my paypal account and buy $500 worth of sega man thongs? ha ha =3

    If you could choose a new game to be made for the dreamcast what would it be?

    How/Why did YOU Fail the Sega?

    Why dose Sonic run away from me I just want to be friends!?

  2. What is your favorite kind of bug?

  3. [img][/img]

    Do you think the increase in sales this past month is a good sign for future Sega to fund another Shenmue?

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  5. Bug? Never heard of it…

    Seriously though, thanks for picking this one guys, definitely a Saturn favorite of mine.

    1. I always really liked the way the game was 2D but in a 3D space where you could go sometimes in the Z (or Y) direction. Are there any other games like this?

    2. This was obviously intended by SEGA to be their 32-bit mascot (much like Alex Kidd and Sonic were to 8 and 16 bit respectively), and despite the sequel he never really caught on. Why do you think this is?

    3. During one of the bonus stages, you can fly with Bug on a dragonfly in a similar perspective to Panzer Dragoon. Coincidence or do you think the Sega of America team was trying to tie the two together?

    4. In another bonus level you race Sonic while collecting Oscars. Because no one is faster than Sonic, there is absolutely no way you can beat him, even if you “pass” the stage. Sham?

    5. Have any of you played Bug Too![?] Rather than just straight paths it offers and expanded area of 3D movement, has three characters with different special skills and a number of vehicles the character can use. I’m of the mind that it hampers the simplicity of the first game, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    6. Do you think Daddy Long Legs would fit in a ToeJam & Earl game?

    7. Did you guys ever see the Bug! pitch video that got the sequel green lit? It’s kind of amazing that something that bad actually worked. Here’s the video:

    8. What’s your favorite Bug! one liner?

    9. Do you think Bug should be worthy of placement in a future SEGA Supertars game?

    10. The leaked Sonic Xtreme videos mostly use the Bug! engine. How do you think they looked?

    Love the art once again, Tom…guess Mike doesn’t really like drinking BJs then, eh? Eh???

  6. Great game choice. One of the few I was addicted to on the Saturn, so I can understand your Bug Juice addictions as well.

    1. How well do you think Bug! would have succeeded with a co-op mode?

    2. In a fight, who would win?: Bug, Gex the Gecko or Rayman?

    3. Shouldn’t those triangles on the BJ shirts be pointing downward?

  7. With Metal Sonic being represented by Stardust Speedway in Generations, what levels are you hoping to see represent other bosses in the game, like Shadow or Silver?

  8. Do you love me??

  9. Bug! was the first Saturn game I ever played. I was a kid so I loved it.

  10. Tom should do a little web comic based on the Addicts stuff. Maybe, he can illustrate the fan fics that are read (with all the juicy details included)

  11. No podcast yet 🙁

    I usually wake up Friday morning and happily listen to a fresh new podcast. I woke up today and am now empty

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