Fan Fiction Radio Play Theater – Episode 1 – Sonic The Zombie BJ Part 1

It’s the first official episode of the new Fan Fiction Radio Play Theater! Brought to you every Monday by the Sega Addicts themselves. Listen as they re-enact some of history’s most beloved fan fictions and feel humbled as their performances bring you to tears.

Tonight’s episode: Sonic the Zombie BJ Part 1

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  1. Haha, very enjoyable, fellas. I was expecting a reflection from the “voice-actors” at the end of the podcast, but was sadly disappointed. May be something to consider in the future, because I know some of you did your best to hold in the laughter (great job doing so!).

    I lost it when it was revealed that Tails had no legs. Am I a bad person for this?

  2. Ha! Not a bad idea, Scotty! Maybe with the conclusion of each “story arc” we can discuss some of our methods and inspiration, a la “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. 😀

    Also, you’re not a bad person. I often fantasize about breaking Tails’ legs.

  3. that cliffhanger was almost as epic as shenmues

  4. Manic Maverick July 26, 2011 @ 10:53 PM

    O-oh god…This is brilliant. XD I love Tom’s radio voice. And Mike did a pretty awesome job with Robotnik’s.

    Also, the death metal “CHAAOO” was just…brilliant. On all levels.

    This is definitely something that will make my weeks in the future happy. <3

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