The Bi-Weekly Contest: Seaman and NHL ’94

The winner of last week’s Weekly Contest is…. ninjajosh!

I’ll be emailing you shortly regarding your prizes of Bug! for the Saturn and Outrun 2019 for the Genesis. Congratulations!

This week’s contest is for Seaman (Dreamcast) and NHL ’94 (Genesis).

Entering the contest is simple because every comment you leave from now until we record the next Sega Addicts Podcast (August 4th) gives you another chance to be the winner.

Hit the jump to find out more information on how the winner is determined.

How to enter:

It’s simple really. Every two weeks, all of the comments left on any post on the site will be totaled up. Every comment you leave gives you one chance to be drawn as the winner of that week’s prize. So, the more commenting you do the better chance you have to win, but you do have a small chance of winning even if you only leave one comment that period.

Comments that are not relevant to a post will not count. They also have to have substance. Just saying “Awesome” on every post will get you nowhere, son. As long as you’re praising the author for a job well done, asking a question, adding some information, or even debating against one of the author’s points, your comment will count.

At the end of every period the comments will reset. Even if you left a bunch in the past, you’ll have no entries unless you leave more in the new contest period. But just think if you’re a big commenter you could potentially win two or more games a month! Wowza!

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  1. thanks!
    also, ive heard so much about seaman. my local game store has it, except without the mic. so i havent been able to play it yet

  2. Seaman always reminded me of H.P. Lovecraft’s FROM BEYOND


  3. So last week Mike is drinking BJ and now this week you’re doing “Seaman”. I’m on to your crazy innuendos, guys!

    Congrats on the games, josh, you should enjoy them. I’ve still never taken the time to play my copy of Seaman yet. The game looks so crazy that I just don’t want to flippantly plop it in and play it – I want to devote a lot of time to it so it’s tough to make the time. Hearing a podcast about it would be a great segue though. Can’t wait.

    And NHL ’94? The series hit its peak on that one as far as I’m concerned. Just the right level of depth and accessibility. Plus, my Blackhawks were a damn good team in that one!

  4. And Stuart Gordon’s FROM BEYOND is a great movie. Loved the whole concept that creatures exist in a parallel dimension with us but cannot be seen because the human eye cannot decode those particular wavelengths. Always makes you wonder what’s around you…

  5. Do we live in a world similar to Bug! where there are 3D paths to choose from???

  6. Manic Maverick July 26, 2011 @ 11:04 PM

    Writing comments has become very awkward for me. XD I write less so that I don’t accidentally steal a prize away from someone. But, now that Seaman’s been put into the picture, I can go all out.

    Also, I missed out on commenting for Bug! last week because I was way too busy. :C Congrats, ninjajosh!

  7. Manic Maverick July 26, 2011 @ 11:05 PM

    I forgot to include a terrible innuendo involving Seaman in my last post. First I was like “HAH! Good job. You have displayed some restraint, Mav.” But then I wrote this and hit post and….Well, this is awkward.

  8. So, the colabo game this bi-week would be National Seam League ’94!

    Seaman replace the hockey players on the ice and slowly slide around while you yell through the mic dictating what moves to perform with their hockey stick.

    This one did not sell as well as BugRun 2019.

  9. *National Seaman League ’94


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