Michael Jackson visited Sega

This picture has popped up over at Insertcredit, showing the King of Pop during a visit over at Sega. As we all know, they had a pretty good relationship with each other and they have cooperated on several occasions, such as the Moonwalker videogame, the Sonic 3 soundtrack and of course his appearance in Space Channel 5. This photo was taken in 1988 in a Sega office in Japan and the child in the background is Jimmy Jimmy Safechuck, with whom MJ did a Pepsi commercial at the time. Interesting to see, after all this time…

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  1. I remember he would stop by Sega offices every so often, I would always think to myself: That’s what I would do if I were famous too :p

  2. Very cool to see; you hear about the MJ and SEGA stuff so much, it’s clear he was a huge fan.

    Have you guys ever seen his arcade collection? Guy had probably a hundred original SEGA cabs from all the eras. They were all listed online when his estate assets were being auctioned off. No wonder the kids wanted to go over to Neverland…

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