Sonic Generations Collectors Edition price revealed

The Sonic Generations Collectors Edition we wrote about yesterday now has a price, according to Amazon: While the German Amazon lists it with a price point of 99€, the UK counterpart lists it for a normal retail price of 99£ even though it appears to be reduced at the moment. Considering the amount of stuff that is in there, that price seems to be ok to me.

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  1. And again, we europeans pay 40$ more then the americans.

  2. Well, the American version was releasing at $50. I’m sure the collector’s would have been $90 or $100.

    Regardless, dats a lotta rings, yo!

  3. Uhm, the U.S. won’t get a Collector’s edition, so you can’t actually compare it in this instance.

  4. Good point, Sven. But we can keep dreaming, right? Or just go to Toys R Us and buy every damn 20th Anniversary-related thing there.

  5. £99 hmm seems a good price!
    Just checked Amazon and they already cut it to £85.52!

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