The Dreamcast Marathon: 10:00PM – 11:30PM Eastern

Boy oh boy, do I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Boy oh boy, am I terrible at it. I’m hoping that the game is just crushingly difficult, but I can’t seem to will myself past even the easiest opponents in that game. I have been playing it for several years now, and I can safely say that I’ve never even reached the third level. I love hating my love for fighters.

Even when I’m being beaten to a pulp, though, I still want more. I love the stunningly crazy art direction for Jojo. While I think modern games like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear come close, there just aren’t many games with the same kind of giddy eccentricity or hilarious character design that Jojo has. I just want one other fighting game to introduce a small dog into the roster. Sheer brilliance.  It’s just a shame that I can’t appreciate it in the same way that a more masterful gamer can. Oh well.

The pizza has backfired a bit. I’m feeling lethargic and sleepy from all the pepperoni in my belly… UUUgghh, already?  NO!  Time to pop in Crazy Taxi, so I can listen to some Offspring and wake my ass up! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!

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  1. u should play space channel 5 and see how far you can get.
    ive only ever made it to level 2

  2. when r u gonna play sonic adventure. great game

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