The Dreamcast Marathon Midnight Update!

So Josh and I decided to trade off every other hour to keep the post counts down. I’m also almost out of pizza.

Now that the business stuff is done lets get to the juicy bits.

I haven’t played Sonic Adventure 1 in at least three years so my memory of the game is a little hazy. Unfortunately after playing it again I wish my memory would have stayed that way. The game is much more frustrating then I remembered. I spent approximately 45 minutes wandering around trying to find the next mission objective. The game was fun then, but we have gone so far in terms of 3d game design that it absolutely does not hold up to today’s standards.

I think my next game will be Jet Grind Radio. Talk to you soon!


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  1. a little off topic but if i wanted to write for sega addicts what would i need to do

  2. I would try and get in contact with Alex and ask him.

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