Sega Addicts Episode 117- I Would Just Do Without The Balls

It was unavoidable, so we did the right thing. This week’s Game of the Week is Sonic Mania. Did you expect something else from a Sega fan site? That’s just silly. Brett, TJ, Pocky X, and Scotty discuss the good, the bad, and the balls of Sonic Mania this week.

The Addicts also discuss most excellent origin stories and answer some amazing questions from you amazing people! Who knew that Sonic Mania would lead into this much Game Gear discussion?

Otherwise we here at Sega Addicts and Warp Zone are getting pretty pumped for the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon! And helping out Extra Life! Woo!

Suggested talking points: Night Trap Fiasco, Brett is Oil Ocean Zone, Thrown in a vat, Every Batman Villain, Sonic CD, Panzer Dragoon Style

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