Another PlayStation Vita game by Sega has been revealed…

Andriasang brings us the first new info of one of those PlaySation Vita games that Sega has told us were in development. According to a Amazon Japan listing, it is a golf game, includes pretty Anime-girls and is called “@field”. This seems like an odd choice at first, but so far, Sega has been quite good with portable titles. Hit the jump for more info and screenshots!

It may seem like an ordinary gold game at first, but it’s actually more a combination of mini-golf and pinball. The girls are actually fulkly customizable dolls and you can create your own courses which you can share with other players! It has also got local multiplayer, no word on online functionalities so far.

This certainly looks like a great game to me and I hope Sega is bringing this one over to the west too. The game will be released this winter in Japan.

[Source of Story and Screens: Andriasang]