Happy 25th Birthday, Alex Kidd!

Kicking ass for Sega since 1986: Alex Kidd

Alex Kidd, considered by many to be the first mascot of Sega, celebrates his 25th birthday today. His first game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, came out on November 1st, 1986 in Japan for the Sega Master System. While he hasn’t had a new game since 1990, he has been included in recent games like Sega Superstars Tennis and Sonic and Sega All-Star racing. If you have missed out on his games so far, they are available on services like the Virtual Console and collections like the Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection.

We here at Sega-Addicts love Alex Kidd, which should be obvious, since our founder, Alex Riggen, has been, according to legend, named after the little hero! Happy Birthday, Alex Kidd!

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  1. It’s true. My parents were huge Alex Kidd fans and when I came out with long red sideburns the name just seemed to fit. Like Alex Kidd I have also faded into obscurity only to appear as a cameo at the occasional family reunion.

  2. Well that’s… kinda sad?

  3. The greatest video game character of all time. I hope one day he will get the revival he deserves and get his own platformer. It would be a great idea for SEGA to do, to make a game more focused on platforming rather than just speed like they’re forced to do with the Sonic license. With his recent appearance in those All-Star games, now would be the perfect time to dust off the ol’ jumpsuit!

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