Renegade Ops is half off on XBLA

Here at Sega Addicts it’s pretty much well known that we’re all fans of Renegade Ops. Well if you never took up our advice and brought it now is your chance as it’s on sale right now! The game is only 600 points on XBLA as part of the 12 days of Xbox deals that Microsoft is doing in celebration of Christmas.

The game is half off until January 2nd 2012, which is more than enough time to snatch it up. So what are you waiting for? Spend this Christmas blowing shit up thanks to Renegade Ops!

Readers Comments (2)

  1. You forgot to mention the awesome Afterburner Climax! It’s going for a measly 400!

  2. I seriously thought I had already purchased this, but to my surprise it was only the trial version. Thanks for another great Christmas gift Sega!

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