Dreamcast Marathon on YouTube

Grab some snacks for this one! The Dreamcast Junkyard has uploaded another marathon to the internet for every Sega fan’s viewing pleasure.  The first portion of it shows off some SegaGAGA at the 27-minute timestamp as well as some other gems later in the video series.  Perhaps the most awesome thing about these marathons is that The Dreamcast Junkyard typically do them for charity such as Child’s Play.  So hit “Play” and sit down for some classics! There are four iterations of the series on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. What better way is there to spend your lengthy holiday break than soaking in some Dreamcast gameplay?

[Source: The Dreamcast Junkyard]

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  1. i wish i remembered what a lengthy holiday break was like. Getting older kind sucks but i’ll be checking these videos out.

  2. Sorry man! I know some universities have ridiculous vacations running through mid-January. I was not attending one of those schools, so I feel your pain!

    Marathons can be fun to watch. If I had a reasonably working webcam I would do one.

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