Cancelled Streets of Rage remake screenshots emerge

Unfortunately in 2009 Bionic Commando Rearmed developer Grin was made defunct due to financial difficulties and money problems. While it’s sad for any company to close down, it may have been worse for Sega fans due to a shelved Streets of Rage remake which has been revealed in a recent post over at eurogamer.

The only information that we know of is that it was to be a downloadable title and that there wasn’t a lot of work put into it before it was cancelled. However there are still some screenshots and concept art floating about on the internet. Want to see ’em? Go on then, hit the jump to see some lost concept art and screenshots of the working build!

[Source: eurogamer]

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  1. I guess this was the real reason the fan made Streets of Rage Remake was squashed?

  2. That’s what I was thinking haha

  3. I think the artworks are nice, but not the screenshots :s And i can’t see any interest ofa remake so similar… or maybe just for the old hardcore fans of the Bare Knuckles Saga ^^. I think this kind of game should go in a full 3D direction, with a real city to clean form all the bad guys ^^ A bit like shenmue but with more more fights! ^^

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