Sega vaguely teases more Dreamcast ports

Before you get excited please take note that this story is pretty vague. During an interview over at gamereactor about the Jet Set Radio port, Ben Harborne (Sega’s associate brand manager) responded to a question about other Dreamcast ports fans would like to see with:

I can tell you what it’s gonna be, it’s definitely going to be Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia. Those are the most requested games and I can’t say yes or no but we may be working on ’em.

That doesn’t mean that they’ll definitely come but it’s a pretty good sign that at least Sega knows what fans want. So could we be seeing these games on XBLA or PSN anytime soon? Or should we just wait for definite confirmation before we get hyped? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sadly I never got to play Shenmue as I didn’t have a Dreamcast, if it comes to PSN I will be so so happy 😀

  2. please sega please, I will give you my first born son

  3. I would love to see these games re-released on modern HD consoles. While I love playing Shenmue on my Dreamcast the visuals and load times could really improve with a port to modern consoles. Plus, it would give me another reason to revisit the game.

  4. I never did finish Shenmue and even though I planned on starting it up again I would gladly wait if they announced this to be a reality.

    • @Scott – I think you’ve got a good idea as I think a re-release of Shenmue could fix some of the things that may sway you from finishing the game on the Dreamcast. It’s still one of my favorite games but I admit that the slow pace of it can turn most people off. I’m hoping a re-release would speed up load times and potentially make the game a little more playable for a modern audience. I doubt they’ll do much to the actual gameplay but an option to speed up time like in the sequel would help that too. Hey, with Jet Set Radio getting second analog camera control maybe Sega is willing to mess with the code a little bit.

  5. This is fantastic news.

    I just hope they bundle some of these games together on disc for a Volume 2 of the Dreamcast collection. I wasn’t impressed with the first one and have been hoping that Sega would make up for it.

  6. I know they released on the gamecube too, but Sonic Adventure 2 is my favorite 3D sonic game and I hope they do an HD re-release.

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