New arcade rhythm game, Maimai, may come to the West

Sega has stated in a recent interview that they have plans to release their new arcade game, Maimai, overseas. The arcade game differentiates itself from other rhythm games mainly through the use of a round touch screen with eight large buttons around the perimeter. There are actions similar to Elite Beat Agents on the touchscreen where you tap and swipe in various directions where the large buttons on the perimeter have you tapping and holding them throughout the song. The game also has a social media aspect as a camera records your movements and can be instantly uploaded to video sites in Japan.

Sounds like an interesting game and one that could never truly make it to home consoles. Unfortunately, even if it does make it to the West I’m sure it will be hard to track down due to the lack of arcades anymore.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]

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  1. The style looks a lot like Feel the magic XX/XY…

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