Project X Zone trailer shows us glorious gameplay footage

Have you been dying to see the genre bending crossover RPG Project X Zone in motion, but only had your dreams to keep you fulfilled? Well if your answer was ‘Yes!’ then have I got a trailer for you! During Nintendo Direct’s lives stream, fans were treated to a glimpse of the action packed title’s trailer (viewable above).

The game is set to feature many different characters from a variety of franchises including Sega’s Space Channel 5 star Ulala! No word however on a Western release date, so all we can do right now in slobber in anticipation. It has also been revealed though that the game is set to contain 16 characters and 200 items in the game. You’ll even be able to use your mii! So there seems to be a ton of content already. Keep your eyes glued on this site for more news as Project X Zone brings on the hype.

[Source: NiNTENDOMiNATi0N via Joystiq]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would be disappointed that this isn’t a fighter after watching this trailer. The concept of bringing so many characters from three huge companies together for one epic story is so damn attractive to me.

    That being said, I am preemptively depressed at the inevitable announcement that this will not be coming stateside.

  2. The battle system does look really good and I can just imagine how good the 2D sprites look with the 3D effect turned on. So far with the 3DS the only games I enjoy with 3D on are 2D sprite-based games as it just seems to work better with well-defined layers.

    As for this overall game the only thing that would prevent me from buying it (if it came to the West) is if the entire game is just battle after battle. I like RPG’s but I usually enjoy the story and exploring more than the combat.

    Still this game looks great and I think it’s going to be exactly what a lot of fans want.

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