I would eat at Sonic everyday if their commercials were this awesome

And also if there were people constantly breakdancing on the tables. Take Out Run and mix a little bit of tasty shakes and viola!

[Source: YouTube]

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  1. strange, but awesome. have any of you guys been to sonic, if so how is it?

  2. SonicfanRICH May 9, 2012 @ 3:41 PM

    Woah, that’s an awesome commercial. I applaud whoever made that. Is it online only or will it also be shown on TV?

  3. I believe this commercial is shown on TV although I haven’t seen it yet. Around my area Sonic’s TV ads aren’t on a lot so it doesn’t surprise me.

    As for their food it’s pretty good. They’re mostly known for their drinks as there’s a bunch of flavors you can add to customize what you want. My favorite is Ocean Water which is blue and tasty just like our very own Sonic the Hedgehog.

  4. Alex, how exactly did you manage to taste Sonic the Hedgehog? I need the info for my Fanfic about you and him, you know…

  5. I made a point of going to Sonic the last time I was in the States. Pretty cool that you get to drive up there and have a server come to you like the days of yore. I wanted some SEGA affiliation though, it would have been sweet to get a Hedgehog happy meal. Alas, this wicked ad bridges the gap, and since the cache of the chain is that you can drive up, using OutRun is perfect.

  6. @ Alex

    I ‘ll keep an eye for it on TV if it ever shows up.


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