Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown release date confirmed

Like what you see in that trailer? Are you hankering for some virtual fighting fun and frolics? Well get ready for more hype because Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown finally has a release date! Yesterday on Sega’s official blog the company revealed that the game in question would indeed be making it’s way to America on June 5th for PSN and one day later for XBLA. If you live in Europe however you can get both versions on June 5th! Amazing!

Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown will cost $14.99 on PSN, whilst you can pick it up on XBLA for the similar price of 1,200 Microsoft Points. As is the way with most recent games, you can also buy some alternate costume packs on the launch day if you so desire. These packs will cost $4.99 (or 400 MS Points) for each character, and will contain over 600 different customization items. You can also get some bundles too if you want the full collection.

So will you be playing this? Hyped up for some fun fighting action, or have you never really been a Virtua Fighter fan? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. VF has always been my favorite fighting franchise. I’ve found the battle system so fluid and almost like an extension of the body. Nothing against the other games, but this one focuses more on technique and instinct rather than chaining crazy combos or mashing buttons. I’ve always been wowed and excited by each installment and I’m sure 5:FS will be no exception. I still play 5 quite a bit on Xbox so I’m not in any huge rush for this, but I’ll definitely bite once it goes on the inevitable SEGA sale. My biggest hope is that there is really nothing “final” about this whole thing. Bring on 6!

  2. And by that I mean I’d like to see a few new things thrown into the mix. I really liked the uneven terrain that 3 introduced and was sad to see it so quickly forgotten in 4 and beyond. Would be cool to see some kind of new iteration of that going forward.

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