Danica Patrick joins Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed for some stupid reason

Wait, was she in Sega Rally?

In the days before E3, Sega started teasing us with the tantalizing promise of some “major” E3 announcement for Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed. Of course, most of us assumed this meant a reveal of another iconic mascot from Sega’s deep and multi-faceted library. With Joe Musashi out of the way, who could be waiting in the wings as the next “major” addition to the game’s roster? Could it be the stretchy-armed Ristar? The obscure Astal? The big-bootied Bug?

I’m afraid the answer is far less interesting or even Sega-related than any of those guesses. Nay, Sega has instead revealed that the next member of the SASR squad would be none other than NASCAR superstar/model/Go Daddy enthusiast/whatever Danica Patrick!!!

…Those might be the most ironic exclamation points I’ve ever typed.

Anyway, Danica will also be racing with Sega in real life this October at the Texas Motor Speedway, driving a Sega-sponsored car. Hit the jump to see her new Blast Processing-powered vehicle on display at Sega’s booth, though I couldn’t blame you if aggressive indifference/apathy stopped you in your tracks.

What the hell, Sega? I’ve dealt with a lot of disappointment at this year’s E3, but this “reveal” is especially irksome. No matter how amazing the roster is, I’ll always be wondering what character got skipped over in favor of this racing crossover sponsorship balderdash. Ugh.

[Source: The Verge]

Image Source: Sonic Retro

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  1. As an avid NASCAR fan, I can tell you… that this makes me absolutely sick.

    Danica is a horrible driver, only famous for her tits, not any sort of talent, and I want her as far away from racing AND Sega as humanly fucking possible.

    I love you Sega, but you deserve a very loud “FUCK THIS COMPANY” from me for this.

  2. OMG I can’t believe sega listened to the fans and put in the most requested character (not). man who would even want someone like this in a unrealistic sega game. the game is supposed to be about sega characters not racing drivers.

  3. Who?

    Seriously Sega, what the fuck, is this supposed to be a selling point?

    This means nothing to me.

  4. @Mikey: I’m part of the demographic they try to market Danica to, and it does nothing for me either.

    It only pisses me off.

  5. I know nascar is quite a big thing in america but its not really big anywhere else, if there where to do this sort of thing again i think they should choose to use a F1 driver like Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher ect. as they are much more widely known

  6. YES. LEWIS HAMILTON PLEASE. I mean, shit, Sega used to sponsor F1 teams, so why not dip into THAT instead of getting someone who couldn’t even cut it in a talent deprived Indycar series, much less NASCAR?

  7. ‘Why not F1? Why not Lewie H?’ did spring to mind when I read this, but no. There shouldn’t be ANY real-life people in this game. The real world sucks, and I don’t want any of it in my fun-time Sega kiddy racer.

    Sega please stop being silly and put Sega characters in your Sega themed racing game. Please?

  8. At least these things tend to disappear when the game is re-released after the license expires.

  9. *insert women driver joke*

    And then this is where I reassure everyone that I’m not sexist.

    But I will say that this an incredible waste of money on Sega’s part. People would be more excited to see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.

  10. I’m not sexist either. She’s just a fucking terrible driver. There’s tons of female racers (Johanna Long immediately comes to mind) out there who have loads of talent, but don’t get the attention (nor the equipment) they deserve because of people like Danica getting famous off terrible godaddy commercials and bikini shoots.

    But yeah, I definitely agree with the consensus that a real world driver doesn’t need to be in this game. If someone like Ryo or Akiyama or fuck, even Silver, gets bumped off the game because of this? Sega will lose what WAS a day one buyer in me.

  11. well she wont be driving that car in the game, Executive Producer Steve Lycett wrote on Twitter intimating that the car she will be driving in the game will be more relevant, and will likely be the Hornet from daytona. He also reassured people she would not be taking up the space of a SEGA racer, that she was more of a bonus.

  12. @DrScottnik
    But here’s the thing–they can call here a bonus all they want. The fact is, they spent time on creating her for the game when they could have spent time on focusing on an actual Sega character, and that’s what gets to me. The fact that they might be going with something from Daytona USA is heartening, though I’ll believe it when it’s revealed. All the news on the show floor was about her driving a Nascar in the game, and if that’s the case, my fury stands.

  13. @josh True, true. They could of spent that time getting Segasan Shiro in the game instead of her. That would of been amazing.

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