Dreamcast game Gunlord gets a release date

The metroidvania game developed by NG.DEV.TEAM finally has a release date of June 26, 2012. Gunlord is a sci-fi platformer that has some shmup levels as well. NG.DEV.TEAM e-mailed The Dreamcast Junkyard recently with the info regarding every version of the Dreamcast’s version:

finally after a long wait we can announce the official release dates for the Dreamcast versions of Gunlord.

Newcomer Bundle DC      21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Limited Edition  21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Double Bundle  21.06.2012
Gunlord DC Regular Edition 21.06.2012

The collector’s edition needs a few days more time due to more complex packaging and printing. The three movie size posters of the CE are shipped separately a week or two later rolled in tubes.

Gunlord DC “Dragon Box” Collector’s Edition [CE]  25.06.2012

If you are unfamilar with the game and a fan of classic platformers and metroidvania games in the Turrican style, I definitely recommend checking out some of the video’s on the developer’s site. Anyone plan on picking this up? I know I want it! Let us know in the comments!

[Source: The Dreamcast Junkyard]