Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA release confirmed, PSN release hinted


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Hopefully you’ll remember our report on a leaked list of upcoming XBLA games as well as the release of Sonic Adventure 2 avatar items on XBLA which were both solid indicators of Sonic’s second adventure in a truly 3D environment being released on XBLA. Well, a future XBLA release of Sonic Adventure 2 has been confirmed via its recent addition to the XBLA web-based marketplace.

From the description and available screenshots it would seem that not only will the game be in HD, with online leaderboards, but will also feature the head-to-head two player gameplay from the game’s enhanced GameCube iteration, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. In the image above, which has been cropped, braking is clearly shown to be carried out by the circle button… Gasp! Perhaps this indicates a PSN release? Unfortunately, no further details have been given and with a scheduled release of October 3rd 2012, there’s no real rush to get them. Nevertheless, this is exciting news for Sonic Adventure 2 fans like myself begging for a reason to play the game once more. Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Since I dislike Sonic Adventure, I don’t really care about this game coming to XBLA and PSN. Great news for the fans though!

  2. My love for Sonic Adventure 2 is based mostly on happy high-school Gamecube days and not on how good the game actually was. It was pretty shocking to be honest.

    However Sonic Adventure 1 I really dislike because I only got round to playing it in the last few years. Nostalgia is a dangerously powerful thing.

  3. Michael, I have a feeling you and I are the only ones on staff who are actually excited about this. And I’m ok with that!

    I never did unlock that blasted 3D Green Hill Zone, but I have a feeling the achievements for this game will push me to it!

    • Like I think I’ve stated on the forums… I want to be excited because I love the Sonic and Shadow segments of this game. Then I remember that you’re forced to play the Rouge and Knuckles levels and I lose all interest. I don’t think I could play through those stages again as it was hard enough the first time and I was much more forgiving then.

  4. Sven do you like any modern sonic game? 😛

  5. Hopefully it comes to the Vita aswell.

  6. Yes, Drscottnick. I enjoy Sonic Colours and Generations.

  7. I believe you might be right about us being that last remaining fans of Sonic Adventure 2 on the planet. We’ll see how playing it through in the year 2012 goes though, eh?

    Saying that, I think I might be the only person on earth with enough patience to unlock Green Hill Zone in 3D legitimately. Good times… :/

    Jet Set Radio is coming out on the Vita, BigSkorpy, so I doubt either of us would be surprised if this comes out on it as well. This game hasn’t been on a Playstation console before, so the image above is clearly new.

  8. It would be so awesome to have a full Sonic Adventure game on a portable system.

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