Retro City Rampage playable at Comic-Con 2012

While it has indeed been a while coming, the wait seems to be ending soon as Retro City Rampage nears it’s possible release date. This is proven by the fact that the game is now playable for the public at this years Comic-Con in San Diego. It has been revealed that the game will be available to play at Sony’s booth on the Playstation Vita from today until Sunday. Any Sega/ Retro game fan would be a fool to miss it as the game seems to be a send up of everything we love (and hate) about old school videogame nostalgia.

The game is also finally complete but that elusive release date still hangs in the distance. So it seems that attending this years Comic-Con is your only chance to try it for a while. Until then we will keep you updated on any other facts or tidbits that surface from this upcoming retro nostalgia trip.

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