Sonic Adventure 2 HD rerelease confirmed

Sonic Boom 2012 is well ahead of E3 in terms of exciting Sega announcements, with the very recent news of a Wreck-It Ralph bidirectional crossover as well as this, official confirmation of a HD rerelease of Sonic Adventure 2 for the PSN and XBLA as part of the ‘Sega Heritage’ series.

The self-proclaimed ‘Masters of Secrecy’ are the first to highlight the numerous proverbial cats they’ve unwittingly let out of various bags, making reference to both Sonic 4 games as well as Sonic Generations, and Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2) has been no different. We’ve had a leaked list of XBLA games which included SA2, avatar items being added to the Xbox Live marketplace, as well as a whole Xbox Live game entry which also practically acted as a PSN release confirmation. This being said, I’m surprised at the Sonic Boom crowd’s shocked reaction to the news but am still over the moon that I’ll have an excuse to play my guilty pleasure one more time.

Are you flabbergasted by the video, or did you pretty much accept that this game was coming a few months ago like we did? Let us now in the comments below!

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  1. If I were there I would have high-fived the guy who yelled “Knuckles Chaotix.”

  2. I would have been genuinely surprised if Knuckles Chaotix came up on the screen. I’m right in thinking that that particular game has yet to see a re-release of any kind whatsoever?

  3. Correct, and maybe with good reason. I haven’t played it in years but I have a feeling my nostalgia only remembers the game being awesome. Either way it would be a nice bonus for any collection or re-release.

  4. We got Sonic the Fighters and Sonic R in the Gems collection, and Sonic Labyrinth is on the 3DS, so I see no reason why an even mediocre 2D Sonic game like Knuckles Choatix couldn’t be re-released unless there’s some 32X emulation issues of course.

    And from what I remember of the game, I’d agree that it was pretty good!

  5. It was unique, and for me that and Knuckles as the lead role is enough to warrant a downloadable version. I appreciated what I played on the 32X, but my copy crashed every single time I played it. Certain stages were also so sloppily designed that they were nigh unplayable.

    Still, I like the way it used momentum, and I really think Espio could have been a pretty cool character to hold onto.

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