See Wreck-It Ralph in action in these Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed screens

If the news of Wreck-It Ralph’s inclusion as the second cross-over character in the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was a little too much to handle, we’ve got some in-game screen shots of the man himself in his road, water and air vehicles to slap in your faces and bring you back to your senses.

That’s right Sega fans. This is really happening. Let’s hope he doesn’t wreck it.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is scheduled for a release of Nov 16th in Europe and Nov 20th in North America for all major consoles bar the Wii U and PC, the release dates for which have yet to be announced. Hit the jump for all of the screen shots in full.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Don’t get all the hate for this one, I think a connection to the upcoming movie is great. And it looks like he fits right in too

  2. It’s not that the character doesn’t fit, or that it’s a bad deal for Sega, it’s simply that the time spent putting this character into the game will in some way or another take time away from something else that COULD have been put into the game.

    I mean, will Ristar be in this game? I doubt it? Is it as a result of non-Sega cameo characters being in the game, probably not, but maybe.

    Perhaps we’re just being a bunch of Sega Nazis 🙁

  3. @Stooball
    As a marketing ploy, it’s admittedly a brilliant idea, considering that his guesting in several games is the very conceit of the movie.

    My issue is that it’s coming on a game that is ostensibly meant to celebrate the incredible roster of Sega characters, and it just seems like they’re exploiting the game’s inevitable popularity to get a bunch of marketing deals. Like Michael said, every minute wasted on these guys is a minute that could have been spent elsewhere.

    Frankly, if it was just Wreck-It Ralph, I wouldn’t be a fraction as irritated. He makes a hell of a lot more sense than Patrick, but these highly-publicized marketing ploys are cheapening the game to me, especially when there’s more than one. I’ll totally admit that I’m being a “Sega Nazi,” and I acknowledge that money has got to be on Sega’s mind more than faith to their canon, but it just stings to have the curtain pulled away so abruptly to see a blatant money-making machine working away.

    And for the record, Banjo Kazooie’s inclusion in the first game didn’t bother me at all. They were at least actual VIDEOGAME characters.

  4. Other then wreck it ralph and that kart racer, whats wrong with these pictures we’ve seen? hmmm… cant help but thinking somethings wrong here….
    Wait I know!
    Lots of love Bradkal!

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