Sega vs Capcom, Part XXVI: We're Meeting G Over There


I have already taken care of G.  This is only the beginning.  You’re next.  Get him!

Ah, who can forget that dramatic scene?  And poor G.  He did suffer.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at his bloodstains.  Anyway, House of the Dead has some pretty rad-nads monster designs, so it was only natural that at least one of them make it into Sega vs Capcom.  I give you: Hierophant!  I bet his smells awful.







Now, on to the next level with you!


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  1. Man I love these. Besides the obvious Knuckles and Vectorman, this is probably my favorite so far.

    Nice going with the more obscure bosses and characters that Sega fans love and non-Sega fans are intrigued by. Dammit I want a Sega mash-up fighter for freaking bad.

  2. Thanks, Josh! I noticed how Capcom likes to pick obscure characters from properties when they do fighting games. I was a Marvel nerd growing up, but I had never heard of Shuma Gorath before I saw him in Marvel Super Heroes!

    I do too!!! Let’s storm Sega and make some demands… 🙂

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