The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 62 – Steak Sunday


Warning: This episode of The Sega Addicts Kids Table may not be suitable for vegetarians. If you are too much of a wimp to eat meat like the manly Stevie, Josh, and (returning from making a gamejam game which you can find here) John, then you may want to eat some rice or something else instead. However if you are up for a rousing feast of Sega based conversation then tighten your belt as we have a lot on the plate this week!

In this beefy episode the gang discuss the new Sonic game rumours, Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ season pass and John’s new Sunday tradition. Oh and cannibalism! There’s a healthy dose of that in this MP3 too! So don’t fall down the food chain, listen to this podcast instead and join us at the top! It’s delicious up here!

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Oh and here’s Scotty’s bands video which we mention in the ep.

And finally you got one last chance to enter Newey Needs to Knowey (what you think!). Tweet your idea for an Anarchy Reigns character to @segaaddicts and your ideas will be read out on the show. The best entry gets a drawing of their character! So get cracking or there’ll be no Steak Sunday for you from now on!



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  1. Didn’t even listen yet, but saw that you plugged my band’s video and that’s why I love you all soooooooo much! Seriously though, thanks guys! Time to download this nonsense!

  2. I really need to hear this steak sunday song. Also, much like the steak scene in the first Matrix, it really made me want some steak (and I don’t really like steak).

    I don’t mind them spending money on relic at all, if anything it’s a little encouraging. They aren’t spending money on anything they don’t see as surefire (hence no Yakuza), so they must be pretty damn confident in the licenses they now own. I know the games aren’t you’re guy’s cup-o-tea, but I’ll gladly take 20 football manager type games if it leads them to profitability, which allows them to once again take risks with their other studios. Yeah i’m delusional =p

    Also, I’d love a Binary Domain RPG. John’s comment about wishing it was longer made me think of that. Maybe take Resonance of fate’s game play (modified) and let it be the story that happens post Binary Domain. They’d have to change the title completely to distance it from BD…*sigh* I just don’t want such an intriguing scifi world to fade into nothingness

  3. Hey Scotty, most of my music some would say is “Hard,Aggressive & PLEASE turn it off !” The rest of the music I own Is ON-PAR par with what I just heard…GOOD STUFF! What was on your shirt? Was a Addict shirt or what? Let us know.

    • Thanks, man!

      My shirt has a penguin wearing a jet pack on it, so definitely not an Addicts shirt, haha. Though that would be an awesome idea for one. I bought that shirt because it’s awesome, but also because the tag used to say, “Adios, amigos.”

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