SAGE 2012 opens its online doors today, LakeFeperd releases fan game remake early

The 17th annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), an online exposition for developers and players of Sonic the Hedgehog fan games of all shapes and sizes, opens its  electronic doors to viewers later today. This year’s expo is at this point shrouded in mystery with no details of which games and projects will be on display, or even the identities of the organisers.

This being said, Sonic fan-gaming superstar LakeFeperd was thought to be unveiling the finished version of his highly anticipated, and simply astounding Sonic After the Sequel at the expo. However, to the surprise of many, he has prematurely released a revamped version of Sonic After the Sequel‘s predecessor, Sonic Before the Sequel named Sonic Before the Sequel ’12 which can be downloaded on the game’s website. In addition to this LakeFeperd has made available the game’s newly re-worked soundtrack in full for download via the following Mediafire site.

A Sonic After the Sequel related announcement is probably going to be made at SAGE 2012, as well as the unveiling of many other exciting fan games. Be sure to check out the expo’s site to see the event unfold and let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Source: TSSZ News]

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