Game over, man! Aliens: Colonial Marines Avatar Awards now available on XBLA

Aliens: Colonial Marines may still be several months away, but that hasn’t stopped Sega from releasing a handful of Avatar Awards based on the long-awaited FPS. Among them, you’ll find such trinkets as a Colonial Marine costume, a Colonial Marine helmet, an Aliens: Colonial Marines shirt, a shirt emblazoned with the infamous words, “Game over, man,” and a motion tracker prop that tracks the motion of a…er…um…a spider. Wait, what?

Now, I’ve checked out all of these, and I’ve got to say that even for something as superfluous and banal as avatar awards, this is quite the disappointment. Even the motion tracker, which had a fair amount of potential, just leads your avatar through a wall-less corridor until he stumbles upon a spider. Where’s my xenomorph pet? Where’s my facehugger mask? Not cool, guys. Let’s just hope there are some cool extras hidden away for the actual release.

Hit the jump to see pics of all these awards.

 [Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. The motion tracker is used when going on a bug hunt. Get it now?

    And yeah, I would have though we could of had a chest burster on a fishing rod prop or something. I suppose they can’t make anything that may be considered violent or scary as avatar awards as children may see them.

  2. That’s just it. They don’t have to be scary. Jurassic Park’s Avatar Awards include pet raptors and T-Rexes. Hell, Dead Space’s include a pet Necromorph!

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