Sega announces Escape Mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Today, Sega and Gearbox revealed Escape, the latest competitive multiplayer mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Much like the frenetic Versus Mode of the Left 4 Dead series, these match-ups will pit a four-player team of gun-toting marines against a four-player team of vicious Xenomorphs, tasking the humans to survive long enough to reach an escape room.

Honestly, this is the mode I’ve been waiting for. The concept of new “special” aliens a la the special infected of L4D might be a little tough to swallow, but the shadow-drowned and generally claustrophobic atmosphere of the Aliens films is just pitch-perfect for this formula. I can’t wait. Can you?

[Source: Gamespot]

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  1. Ok…that brought the hype. I’m now excited.

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