Project Diva F Vita version out today, demo released unexpectedly

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for the Playstaion Vita was released today in Japan, however the demo for the game was also unexpectedly released on the Japanese PSN; and what a generous demo it is too including the songs Cat Food, Worlds End Dance Hall and Melancholy as well as a bunch of modules (costume accessories) to play around with.

There’s little doubt that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F will be a big seller in Japan, where Hatsune Miku is an unstoppable pop sensation, and will hopefully be a landmark game for Sega. I know a few of our non-Japanese readers will have their eyes firmly set on their letter boxes in the coming days, eagerly awaiting their slice of innocent vocaloid action. Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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  1. I got it today, its AMAZING!
    You may want to mention that Ren had a dreamcast controller in the song remote control! ^^

  2. The flying mario hat from mario 64 is in the game but instead of the M they put 2 eyes and made the end shorter!

    • Wait, what, really? Ballsy.

      And I’m glad you’re liking it. What do you think it’d take for the game series to get a release in the West Bradkal?

      • I think, honestly, I think theye’d need to release English Miku, she’s been in development for a while, I say that because I dont feel enough people will accept a Japanese pop star in the west!
        But when English Miku is realised she’d have to do really well selling music, then SEGA Would have to have the english songs in the game!

        I think thats the only way!
        UNLESS… Ok so sega is kind of in trouble now, this means there taking less chances with unknown games, BUT, Hatsune Miku is one of the popular games in Japan, If Sega wants/needs to cement another game for sequels I think they will release this game for the PS3 in the west!

        So over all
        Successful English Miku, OR Sega thinks Hatsune can Make it and wants to try her in the west to try and cement her as a figure!

        I think SEGA would have to do a ton of trailers if they release it over here before english Miku gets successful in the west! ^^

        • I’ve noticed that a lot of Hatsune Miku songs are quite deep in comparison to Western pop music. I personally hate Western pop music, and most of them rely on a short catchy melody to make them stand out rather than any sort of interesting lyrical content. Is there really market for a English Miku? Do you not think that any song in English would be a shell of what it was in Japanese? Those would be my concerns.

          • I hate westen pop as well!
            I think there is, since as you said There short and RELY or a short catchy melody!
            The deep meanings are reasons I prefer hatsune! like Roton hershy and chocolate
            Sure I think the westen world might have to get used to it but just remember it wasent to long ago when busted was popular and when was the last time you heard them, The music industry moves fast!

            And Yes I think its a shame but I dont think English Hatsune will sound as good and I dont think she’ll have as good music, as I said People create songs for hatsune what could very much happen is just ‘call me maybe’ kind of pop in hatsune mikus voice!
            Which isn’t Miku at all thats what worries me

            Getting rid of hatsune’s kind of songs and making her sing songs which dont do justices to the character!

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