Big the Cat will still haunt my dreams: Sonic Adventure 2 re-release will have DLC

How is this possible, you ask? Well you see as a child I always had this deep-seeded fear of giant cats and when Big the Cat came along – oh! You mean the DLC! Right then. DLC for Sonic Adventure 2 is possible the same way the first Sonic Adventure has DLC on XBLA and PSN right now: it isn’t a straight Dreamcast port. DLC for Sonic Adventure was released shortly after it’s launch and was essentially the DX portion of Sonic Adventure DX (Director’s Cut), which was the GameCube version. GameCube also received its own version of the sequel: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Battle had many subtle differences, but the most noticeable were the Chao Black Market added to the Chao Kindergarden, and all of the 2-player charcters being unlocked from the start. You could also trigger cameos by Big the Cat during cutscenes by pressing certain buttons before hand, and sources say that no buttons need be pressed this time around. My night terrors aside, it sounds like the “Battle” version of the game will be DLC for Sonic Adventure 2 when it releases to the digital world in October. I plan on facing my fears in October. Does anyone else? If not, you can atleast jam out in Pumpkin Hill for Halloween.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]