Yakuza 5 gets two brand new trailers and Japanese release date

While it’s been in the news for a while, Yakuza 5 had never sported a solid Japanese release date other than a vague ‘Q4 2012’ estimation. It will then delight Japanese gamers and importers to hear that the game has now been given an official release date of December 6th. This announcement comes from the Tokyo Game Show along with two new trailers. The first which of which you can see above.

Together the two trailers showcase the game’s action and plot. They also show off the diverse range of things you can actually do in the game as one of the trailers shows a fight with a bear, and later on takes you into a hostess bar for some less extreme activities. If that’s got you excited then you can see the second trailer after the jump!

[Source: CVG]

Still no word on a Western release, although I personally wouldn’t count on one. Would you? Or will that even stop you? There’s a lot of importers out there, but are you one of them? Or do you just prefer to wait and see what happens for a Western release? Am I asking too many questions? Why not tell me in the comments!