Crush 40's Live album releases October 3rd

Fans of cheesy Sonic themed music will be happy to hear that Crush 40 is coming out with a new album very soon. And as you can tell from the preview clip (viewable above) this time around the gang gives us a live arrangement of all their most recognised hits. The album has been confirmed for October 3rd so there’s not that long to wait before you get to indulge in yet another delicious slice of cheesy rock music.

The track list itself is also set you give you bang for your buck since it’s consisting of 19 selected songs from various parts of their discography. The full track list was revealed recently through Facebook by guitarist Jun Senoue, and you can check out which of your favourites made the list right after the jump!

Track listing :
1. Sonic Youth
2. Free
3. His World
4. Sonic Heroes
5. Open Your Heart
6. Knight Of The Wind /
7. I Am… All Of Me /
8. With me /
9. Never Turn Back
10. Fire Woman
11. Revvin’ Up
12. Watch Me Fly…
13. Into The Wind
14. Rise Again
15. Sonic Boom
16. All Hail Shadow
17. Live & Learn
18. One Of Those Days
19. What I’m Made Of…

Say what you want about the games themselves, but at least the recent Sonic titles had some ridiculously fun and over the top themes.