Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 106 – Bonus Stages

On this week’s episode we discuss Bayonetta yet again, the Sega CDX and bonus stages! Then we realize that we can’t remember many bonus stages from games but we try our darnedest to keep things interesting. It didn’t help that Skype was constantly making us sound like robots and causing delays throughout the show but we pushed on for you, our valued listener.

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  1. always wanted a CDX as it looks so badass. Though my household has two X’Eyes now, which is pretty cool. No?

    • That is cool that you have a couple X’Eyes. I love how the CDX fixes the clumsiness of the separate Genesis and Sega CD systems and I’m sure the X’Eye is similar. Does the JVC X’Eye do anything unique that the Sega produced systems don’t?

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