Fan creates awesome Sega "Smash Bros" video


This game almost seems the slightest bit more possible with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal on the horizon, but alas, I doubt it will ever exist. Sonic & Sega All-Star Warzone is a creation of Deviant Artist Xamoel, and continues to fuel our dreams with a beautifully colorful Sega-inspired levels with quite an array of characters as well. The video above explains itself, but if you would like to see some screenshots from the video, just click the source link below. There are so many good ideas here that it’s painful this game will never see the light of day. Then again, Sega has done some awesome stuff for their fans in the past. I honestly think the game would sell, but that’s the fanboy in me as well. Good gracious this game needs to exist!

[Source: Destructoid]