Sonic X-Treme trailer from 1996 avoids the Italian Mob


I remember following Sonic X-treme’s production until it’s death, so it’s always fun to see what could have been. In a time when Sega was still trying to do what Nintendon’t, or maybe Nintendidn’t, a little game called Sonic X-treme was in the works. Recently on the Interenet an old trailer from 1996 emerged, showing how even the Italian mob couldn’t stop Sonic in his tracks. Oh, Sega, you wacky mud-slingers, you. Seeing this footage still makes me wonder what would have happened if Sonic X-treme did see the light of day. Do think things would be any different today if Sonic X-treme had a chance to go up against Mario 64? Let us know below in the comments!

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Not to be a downer, but that game play footage did not look that great. It didn’t look like he moved very tight, it looked floaty. The colors were nice and bright which was nice, but I had a hard time making out the layout of the stages.

    I think Mario 64 would have come out on top of this one. All gameplay aside, Mario 64 had a huge world to explore in 3D with lots of secrets. The overworld is really the one thing I remember fondly of the game, as it was one of my first outings into 3D. Not knowing if this game had one, and somewhat doubting it did, I think Mario’s overworld really showed off why 3D was the future.

    Maybe, one day, we will get to play it.

    • Oh yeah I don’t really see this game actually competing with Mario and succeeding back then. It would have been interesting though, because it would have affected Sonic Adventure, etc. Maybe we would have even received a game like Sonic Generations years earlier than we did. Who knows?

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