Get armed again with Expendable Rearmed on Android

Developers, Retrobomb, have taken the Dreamcast launch title (also originally released on PC) Expendable and ported it to those newfangled phone things they call Android under the name “Expendable Rearmed.” I’m taking an educated guess here but I’m guessing that the original Expendable was armed already so this new version has been armed again and then given a second word in the title to let gamers know it’s been armed twice.

Unfortunately, I’ve never played the original Expendable but I’ve always had a slight interest as it appears to be some mindless shooter action fun. Maybe I’ll satiate that interest by purchasing this on the Android store for $2.99.

[Source: SlashGear]

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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out if this game is the same as Millennium Soldier on the Playstation. I played the demo for that a lot of it looks very similar to the screen shot above. I also bought a game named Millennium Soldier: Expendable for the Dreamcast, which I have yet to play but believe it to be a sequel/ remake of the Playstation game.

    Perhaps these games are linked, or perhaps there’s regional differences to the titles?

    • You’re right. It is the same game. They just added Millenium Soldier in some territories. It looks like the Playstation and Dreamcast versions are identical with just the graphics on the Dreamcast being a little more advanced.

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