Toejam and Earl 3’s Dreamcast origins uncovered

While ToeJam and Earl 3: Mission to Earth isn’t… the best game, it does have an interesting history. Originally a title for the Dreamcast, the game got ported to the first Xbox when that console faded away (don’t worry it still lives on in our hearts). Since then all trails of it’s Dreamcast version seemed to have disappeared. Until now! The fine folks over at ASSEMbler Games have managed to unearth the games beta, and have even uploaded some videos (run from a Dreamcast emulator) as proof. The videos were uploaded by user ‘ZakhooiTM’ and showcase the many aspects of the betas functions. You can check out the first gameplay video above.

While that might be enough for some people though, the guys at ASSEMbler Games are actually looking to put out a public release of this beta. To do this the admins are taking donations, although no goal has been announced just yet. Still, what we have so far is a neat piece of unearthed history, and if you’d like to see more of it you can hit the jump to peek at the betas 2 player mode!

[Source: ASSEMbler Games via TSSZ News]