Crazy space-age technology: Sonic augmented reality t-shirts

Most of you are probably familiar with Augmentd Reality: pictures found on things that when viewed through a phone or device with a digital camera can access website information, movies, other pictures, etc. Well, Sega has taken this to a new level with Sonic AR t-shirts. When you hold up a device with the Zapper application, Sonic jumps out of the t-shirt and runs around the person wearing it. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

If you are looking to grab one, they are available in the UK for just £6, but only in child sizes from a company called Asda. Word of them releasing elsewhere is relatively unheard of since the designer George is a clothing brand based in Asda.

Anyone plan on importing? Or will Stevie and Michael buy all of them first?

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. I love how foreign you make Asda sound. Makes me feel exotic.

    Asda is the UK version of Walmart. In fact, Walmart bought them up a few years ago. I bought a kick arse Back to the Future shirt from there once for £4. Bargain.

    Next time I’m there I’ll see if I can get into a child’s size. Shouldn’t be to hard what with them chubby children people are having these days.

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