The Sega Addicts Kids Table: MTV's Rock the Rock Commentary Track

rockthe rockheaderKTCOMM

Do you remember the 90’s? That magical decade of extreme attitudes and semi-irritating alternate rock fads? Well The Sega Addicts Kids Table does and is here to remind you with this exciting mini-commentary for MTV’s Rock the Rock! We posted about this Sonic and Knuckles themed special on the site before but Stevie and John thought it was so ridiculously 90’s that it just needed to be poked fun of in better detail. Also Josh couldn’t make it so we decided this would be a fun side thing instead of a full episode. Either way if you haven’t seen this before, now is your chance.

You can watch the ‘X-TREME’ video along with us here. Prepare yourself… it is very indicative of the 90’s…

Download it here!

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And finally since we didn’t do a regular episode this week you can still do Newey Needs to Knowey (what you think!). Tweet your idea for an Anarchy Reigns character to @segaaddicts and your ideas will be read out on the show. The best entry gets a drawing of their character! We’ve delayed this one for so long so you better do it!