Commence speculation: Sega teases a March 28th reveal for PS3, PSVita


The peaceful yet tantalizing image you see above is from Sega’s new Japanese Teaser site, which hints at some Sony-exclusive game that will be revealed come March 28th. The image really doesn’t give us much to go on, but as you can see there’s a faded field at the bottom, and what looks like some sand being poured down from the top of the image.

While my mind is already running wild with irrational optimism, it’s important to keep ourselves grounded by the fact that this is a Japanese teaser. Whatever this is may never even see the light of day in the west. That said, it’s taking more Valium than usual to stamp out that incessant “SHENMUE!!!” demon screaming in my head.

Anyway, hit me with your thoughts in the comments.

[Source: IGN via VG247]

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  1. I’m leaning towards a Project Diva announcement but I really really hope it’s something more unexpected than that.

    • I thought the same thing before seeing the image, but based on the tone of the teaser site I highly doubt it being something related to Project Diva. It’s far too subtle and mystical. The text reminds me of Yakuza, so I’m putting my chips on something new from Team Yakuza.

  2. I actually thought of Hatsune Miku as well, which I wouldn’t be totally against, but yeah, something unexpected would be good. Maybe a Colonial Marines ‘Apology Edition’.


  3. Lol I am on a strike until Sega gives launch info on PSO2, so I could care less. Anyhow all things considered, it’s not sonic, so the chances of it coming West (whatever it is) are super low.

    • Caleb Cleveland March 21, 2013 @ 3:08 PM

      I’m sick of Sega keeping us in the dark with PSO2 too. I spoke with Aaron Webber on Facebook the other day and he said he hasn’t heard anything about PSO2 being canned, but he doesn’t work on that team. I’m guessing he would’ve known if it was, though.

  4. segagaga 2 !! finally. i really cant think of anything but in the image there is a lot of emphasis on the social aspect so if it is not phantasy star it is focus on some kind of social multiplayer experience, my guess anyway

    • You mean the social network icons? If you click on those it brings you a link for each one so you can share the teaser with others. My suspicion is that those are just meant to spread the word.

      Other than those, I’m not really sure what you could mean by the emphasis on social. I think the image is actually quite solitary, from the silent sprinkling of sand to the expansive yet empty open field. I could always be wrong though. 🙂

  5. ahh i did not know those were links, in that case yes you are right.
    whatever it is lets hope someday in the future (distant i know) comes for pc since right now i dont own anything else.

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