Sega's teaser site updated with an eggish… rockish… circlish… thing…


Sega’s latest teaser site has been sparking quite a bit of buzz since its launch last week. Whether it’s because of the somber and mysterious tone of the image, the involvement of both of Sony’s consoles, or some other enigmatic reason, this simple little image has gamers guessing everything from Yakuza to Project Diva to Sands of Destruction to Shenmue.

Now fans will have something else to mull over, as the image has been updated to the one you see above. What was initially a light sprinkling of sand has now piled up into what looks like a half-formed egg or rock of some sort. What could it be? A new Seaman? A gritty re-imagining of Billy the Egg Hatcher? The anticipation is killing me!

The project, tentatively being referred to as “Sega New Project 0328,” will be revealed this Thursday, March 28th.

[Source: Gaming Everything]

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  1. Billy Hatcher with guns and buffed-out monsters.
    I’m totally calling it.

  2. What was the last surprise announcement…was it Danica Patrick?

    • That was one of them. There have also been several teaser announcements for Japanese exclusives, like Demon Tribe or that 7th Dragon 2020 game. I’d say the last great teaser reveal was NiGHTS HD, when we got that vague screenshot.

  3. Shadow the Hedgehog 2 – Blood on the Sand

  4. a giant black ball mmm, got it Billy hatcher X GANTZ

  5. a panzer would be great

  6. Sonic 1 re-release

  7. i guess we were hoping too much regarding this game, some day Billy Hatcher… some day

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