Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 125 – Acclaim on Sega Part 11

Sega Addicts Episode 125

On this week’s podcast, Mike turns into a Skype robot and I don’t edit our attempts to revive him out of the podcast episode. My original plan was to make this episode sound as professional as possible with editing… then I realized that our struggles to understand Mike was more entertaining than our usual proper Sega discussion so I kept it in.

In addition to our failed attempts to save Mike we discuss some SC-3000 games, the possibility of Shenmue 3, Sonic Dash going free and, of course, a wonderful selection of Acclaim games on the Saturn.

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  1. So after listening to this episode I realize I sound like an uninterested douche, but I’m not! I was just tired when we recorded! Sorry dudes! It was still a blast! Exclamation points!

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