Sega Addicts Episode 26 records tonight!

The Sega Addicts will be recording their 26th episode tonight! We’ve taken a week off and spent some time finding ourselves and now we’re back with a vengeance. I guess you could call this Sega Addicts 2: Some Times They Come Back For More: The Revenge: Episode 26: Phantasy Star Series Part 1 (of 2): Available Now on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Anyway, with the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 next week I thought it would be a good time to discuss the beloved RPG series. Tonight’s episode will cover game 1-4 and everything in between. If you’ve got questions leave them below of course. They can be about any of the three topics: Sega, Phantasy Star, or Carpentry.

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  1. Yay! I never knew what was going on in the Phantasy Star games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, so maybe this will spur me to try them again.

  2. Favorite power tool, anyone?

    And out of the PS3 games in the Free Stuff Friday pack I won (STORMRISE, The Club, The Golden Compass, Resonance Of Fate, Alpha Protocol, and Vancouver 2010), which of these do you think I should play first when they arrive?


  3. @Brett Hatfield – Bury The Golden Compass. After that, you could start with either Stormrise or Vancouver 2010. (Only if you can play a game without feeling obligated to finish it.) The rest of the games should be brilliant in comparison to those two first games.

  4. If your playing Eve of Eternity (RoE) play it in jap/eng subtitles. The VA alone is a worthwhile listen to.

    Let’s see…

    – Play the GBA vers.of PSC? The Sega Ages PSG remake I and or II from Japan? (Worthwhile to buy?) And speaking of, how do you recover MP in PS? Without going to the hosiptal/inn or whatever it’s called… (all four versions).

    – Recommended grinding spots in all 4 PS games.

    – Story wise which was the better game?

    – Anyone of you play the Gaiden series? PSA I and/or II, or Text adventures?

    – Favorite PSO game? (I, II, III, IV?)

    – Which ones would you recommend, and on what system preferably?

    – I’d like some insight on PSO III, and wonder if it’s a worth-while game to add to my collection. Any thoughts ideas on it?

    – Last question:
    (Pulling a Maniac Maverick here… Sorry bro. =P)
    “If you had to fight against a really large end boss, who would you bring with you to fight him (podcast members only) and who would be the end all evil incarnation? (another member only).”

  5. Correction: End* of Eternity.

  6. Who was your favorite character of them all?

  7. What did you think of Alis Landale (Alisa), the only female main protagonist in the first 4 Phantasy Star games?

    I found the Phantasy Star games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection to be quite daunting.
    Which Phantasy Star games should I start with, or give a second chance to in particular?

  8. Do you think that SEGA will ever make another *proper* Phantasy Star game again? No MMO, no multilayer. Just a team of weird techno/fantasy dudes out to kill the big chaos dude. Again.

  9. @Halidar

    If they did I wonder how the online fans would feel. Would they accept a single player only game or would they freak out?

  10. Q1: Sonic Adventure on the 360. Excite faec or EXCITE FAEC!?

    Q2: If you could have the giant, deformed head of any washed up entertainer as a Mag, floating around your head on a daily basis, who would it be? And what abilities would that Mag grant you?

  11. Secret shame (among many) – I’ve never completed any of the original series. I would get drawn into something else and whenever I started back into PS I’d have no idea where I was or what to do next.

    Could any of the original entries be beaten without a walkthrough? Wouldn’t the hint lines just send you one if you got stuck anywhere in the first 2?

    Did have particular race and class in Phantasy Star Online?

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