Nintendo Unleashed staff know nothing about Sonic Lost World

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It was a wet and windy day in London. I hopped off the DLR and barged through the countless Naruto cosplayers and creepy Pikachu costumes as I made my way to the press enquiries desk at the London ExCel exhibition centre. I grabbed my press pass, jumped the queue and briskly walked over to the Nintendo Unleashed area of MCM London.

And they knew nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, they were all helpful, friendly people, but all questions regarding Sega and Nintendo’s partnership and Sonic Lost World were met with blank faces.

After going through four or five Nintendo-people I finally found a helpful young chap who explained that no one representing Nintendo at MCM London knew anything or were told anything by Nintendo. There were no official Nintendo PR personnel to talk to and no sign of the blue blur at all.

We concluded our lengthy conversation about Xbox One by agreeing that Hatsune Miku games will never make their way to America our European shores.

I tried guys and gals, I tried.

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  1. Not surprising, considering that the game’s reveal is still so fresh, and since E3 is just around the corner. If they’re only giving us a single screenshot and a silhouette of some characters for now, I doubt Sega and Nintendo are going to be willing to spread the specifics of the game to their entire crew until such an event.

    I mean, they are the MASTERS OF SECRECY, after all.

    • Also, I like the idea that Nintendo’s representatives are all doctors in lab coats.

  2. I didn’t expect to get mcuh from anyone there, but even a “oh ho ho! just wait and see!” would have been better than the responses I got. Aside from that one guy I was talking to, none of the other Nintendo people had any idea what I was on about.

    But it was worth a shot.

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